Friday, August 20, 2010

DAY 52: Portland, OR

All good things come to an end whether you want them to or not. The feelings seemed to be pretty mixed on that exact subject as I talked with many of the bands from this years line up. Let's play a game called how many bands can you fit in one video, deal? Check out what Hey Monday, Pierce The Veil, Eyes Set To Kill, Fake Problems, The Cab, We Are The In Crowd, Andrew WK, Confide, Closure In Moscow, You Me At Six, Iwrestledabearonce, Breathe Electric, Anarbor, Mayday Parade, Mike Posner, Versaemerge, and more had to say about the tour coming to a close in the video below. I have had an amazing summer, thank you all so much for following along with me. Thanks especially to those of you who I met at your stops that came and said hello. I hope you all had the time of your lives as well and who knows, maybe I'll catch you again next year. A few photos of me and some of my best friends from this tour goofing off and saying goodbyes are also down there under the video. Until next year, adios.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

DAY 51: George, WA

Second to last day of tour. George, Washington... yes, really. The venue was called The Gorge, and I am not sure I have ever heard a more fitting name for a place. The scenery was absolutely beautiful but the incline was no joke. Everyone had to load in and out on a really steep hill which caused for some really close calls with losing carts and such. The Glamour Kills and AP Advent stages were housed in an ampitheater down at the bottom while other booths and stages remained at the top. I checked out Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band after they told me they would be having an "All Star Jam" during their last song. They weren't kidding. Members from The Pretty Reckless, Reel Big Fish, The Casualties, Haste The Day, Andrew WK, and more flooded the stage for the bands hit "Two Bottles of Wine." The crowd went crazy and everyone was having a blast. After that I caught up with Alesana, and You Me At Six who had Tay Jardine do guest vocals during their set. Check it all out below.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


For the 50th day of tour things started to get pretty bittersweet. Homestretch, 3 shows left and then adios. Boise, Idaho is where we stopped for our first show back out of California. I caught sets from typical tour acts like The Word Alive and Mike Posner, but a big surprise was in store when I wondered by the Kevin Says stage during The Bots set. The kids, literally KIDS, were jamming so hard that I spyed a few members of The Dillenger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die lurking in the crowd. Watch the video and decide for yourself, but that's some serious backage. I also hung out with my friends Jersey from Hey Monday and Brian from The Summer Set. After a long discussion about press and interviews Jersey decided he wanted to "interview" Brian about some things... Way to be a good sport B, way to be.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

DAY 49: Marysville, CA

We were in Sacramento... or Marysville, CA which is close enough for day 49. Lots of fun things going on, tons of signings and merch sales. We are getting so close to the end and everyone is having crazy sales to clear out their stock. I checked in on the Canvas Foundation where you can donate to get some paint and use it in whatever eay you deem appropriate. I also watched Every Time I Die's set and Rev Peyton. I love both of those bands, they put on such fun shows. Here are a few photos from the day. On to Idaho tomorrow... I hear there will be horses?

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DAY 48: Pomona, CA

A late night dance party went down in San Diego last night and there is plenty of video from that. I should warn that things got a little bit crazy and may be a little bit PG-13... sorry but I really can't control the masses at a Saved by The Bell themed dance party. After all the madness everyone was pretty tired for a huge show in Pomona. I checked in on a few friends sets and hung out with some people that came out from the Vans office. Only a few days left.

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DAY 46 & 47: San Diego, CA

Wow internet has been a nightmare this week. So many fun things have been going on and I haven't even been able to show you guys! Day 46 was an off day in Vegas. My bus and a few others stayed at the Green Valley Resort and it was awesome. My friends Jess Bowen, Joel Piper, and I hung out by the pool for a good half of the day for some much needed R&R. I caught dinner later in the evening and even played a little roulette... well tried too at least. In the end only left Vegas down about $20 and I am pretty sure I spent three quarters of it on frozen yogurt haha. Great day off though, early bus call and on to San Diego. Once we got there, it was immediatley clear that the day was going to be crazy. So many friends and family out because being back in California means being close to home for tons of people on this tour. I caught my friends Pierce The Veil's hometown set and man were you guys stoked! They always have great crowds, but seeing them at home was really crazy. After that I headed over to the Kia tent to check out Derek from Mayday Parade doing some acoustic songs for a big group of fans, and last but not least I met up with Street Sweper Social Club to chat for a few then watched their set. Definitely a tour favorite for me, their set is so much fun... I mean they do an M.I.A. cover, how can you resist? Oh and another big tour moment was on it's way that night. Micah Dean was throwing his annual dance party and it was a Saved By The Bell theme this year... More on that tomorrow.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DAY 45: Denver, CO

Denver, CO was apparently a mile high. Just check out the front of the stadium in the photo below. Being at that high of an elevation was kind of weird for me, the air is really thin and it's harder to breathe I guess I am just not used to it. The show was awesome though. I checked in on Fight Fair, Fake Problems, and Haste The Day. It was Breathe Carolina's hometown show so they had an awesome crowd too. My good friend Joel Piper from Confde played some of his solo project songs in the Girlz Garage for a little acoustic set, and the rain hit us once again. The weather on this tour will never cease to amaze me. The stadium itself was really cool and had awesome locker rooms, thanks for the hot shower Denver haha, and last but not least there is an off day in Vegas tomorrow. Dear Las Vegas prepare yourself please.

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